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  • Aqua - Fresh is a natural occurring soil containing silicates and oxides of Al, K, Na, Ca, Mg and Mn.
  • Aqua - Fresh has high characteristics of an ideal zeolite with low bulk density.
  • Aqua - Fresh maintains clean pond bottom.
  • Aqua - Fresh does not warrant lime and dolomite application for 2 - 3 weeks.
  • Aqua - Fresh adsorbs all toxic gases like unionized ammonia (NH 3), hydrogen sulphide(H 2S), methane (CH 4) sulphur dioxide (SO2) etc., due to high nanoporosity.
  • Aqua - Fresh improves pond water transparency (Sach-disc) and light penetration of the culture ponds by cleaning the water through precipitation.
  • Aqua - Fresh maintains the pond alkalinity (pH) due to high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) value.
  • Aqua - Fresh is health stone powder, promotes growth and health of the culture species due to presence of micro nutrients.
  • Aqua - Fresh is best for eco-friendly aquaculture and for good phytoplankton production (diatoms).
  • Aqua - Fresh makes available all the dissolved oxygen (D.O.) present in the pond water without toxic gases.
SPECIFICATIONS: Fine crystalline powder slurry
pH 2.5% Solution 10.5-11
Loss on ignition at 800° C 18-21%
Bulk density 769 gms/ltr
Moisture 2-3%
Open Imagination

Application :   25 kgs. to 50 kgs./hectare or as directed by the consultant

C.E.C. Values :  
150-460 m.eq/100gms. as CaCO3
115-116 m.eq/100gms. as NH 3
390-410 m.eq/100gms. as CaCO3 (unwashed)
(These could change at times but generally
within limits)

Packing :   25 kg. HDPE bags.