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In aquaculture, shrimp, prawn & fish live, eat, breathe, grow, defecate and throw metabolic waste into the water besides dead species and water plants adding to the organic load which leads to pollution and toxicity to living species. This high organic load consumes the D.O. due to high COD & BOD and causes stress to the shrimp or fish and subjects them to disease outbreaks. Clean water with relatively free toxic gases environment offers good bio-security and congenial surroundings for healthy growth of species leading to better yields.

For effective and economic achievement in getting clean pond water, we need to rely on bio-technological innovations for safe and sure degradation of the pollutants which otherwise lead to problems. Unless the pond water and pond bottom are not taken care properly, there will be high Viral, Bacterial, Algae and Fungal loads competing for D.O., causing stress and health problems to culture species.

In aquaculture “TOMORROW IS TOO LATE”

Hence using safe, non-pathogenic, anaerobic, naturally occurring, soil native (i.e. both Hetrotrophic and Autotrophic) bacterial cultures to accelerate and facilitate bio-degradation and cleaning of pond water and bottom to offset pond pollution, becomes necessary. These ECO AQUA PROBIOTIC species multiply and arrest the growth of the pathogenic load by competitive inhibition.

  • Biocult - contains biologically safe, active, non-pathogenic cultures of anaerobic, natural, soil native mineralising bacteria known as ECO AQUA PROBIOTICS.
  • Biocult - degrades the organic matter to their elements as Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus etc., and renders the pond water and bottom more clean, safe and healthy thereby facilitating better surroundings and good production.
  • Biocult - is an inexpensive, safe and sure way to provide clean arena which is otherwise not possible, more so when water availability is not enough round the year.
  • Biocult - obviates using extensive and expensive chemicals and relieves the stress of the culture species (shrimp & fish) and reduces disease outbreaks.
  • Biocult - improves the pond water transparency (Sachi disk visibility) and clarity.
  • Biocult - supplements micro-elements and silicates for the formation and good growth of diatoms on which the shrimp grazes and develops immunity
  • Biocult - contains specific and special and not just veterinary or poultry probiotics.
  • Biocult - does not consume pond water D.O. for its bacterial multiplication and does not change other pond parameters.
  • Biocult - does not require any brewing, soaking etc., before application. Can be broadcasted evenly on the pond.
  • Biocult - is high density calcarius, sand & silica granules which readily sinks to the bottom and start its action immediately on the “Toilet Toxicity”.
  • Biocult - is specially developed through micro bio-remediation for pond pollution control.
  • Biocult - has no side effects, ill effects or after effects either for species or for pond.
  • Biocult - is advised right from the pond preparation to the time of harvest to maintain pond micro-ecology for eco-friendly aquaculture.


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Packing :   10 kg. buckets and 2 kg. x 25 pkts. drum.