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DONATOR - Granules / Tablets

Any life in the world requires oxygen to live and exist except for few Bacterial called an anaerobes and virus. The living beings on earth take oxygen of the air where as the once in the water takes from the dissolved oxygen (D.O) of the water by gills. This D.O. parameters are great importance as it is a critical factor for their existence. The most ideal level for shrimp & fish will be 6mg. /lit of water. If this level goes down the shrimp will go in to stress for want of oxygen but fish may with stand.

The dissolved oxygen of the water is maintained by the phytoplankton during photosynthesis by photolysis of water and by carbohydrate synthesis during the daytime by sun light. But during night culture species together with Bacteria, Protozoa, plants etc., demand oxygen for breathing and the D.O. load comes down drastically. During such situation of low D.O. levels fish more so shrimp goes in the stress and come to edges of the pond for fresh air and aerated water. These stress leads to drop in feed consumption, immunity, restlessness, irregular swimming etc., When moderate plankton is there in the pond, the D.O. levels go as high as 8 to 9 by about 4-5 PM (Evening) and come down to as low as 2 or even less by 4-5 AM (Morning).

There are number of factors influencing the D.O. such as density of phytoplankton, cloudy weather, feeding quality organic load and sacchi disc visibility.

It is clear from the two graphics how the D.O. of the pond fluctuates and will never be study. Even on a full sunny day the D.O. level come to stress conditions in few hours of the day. So also one can see the D.O. fluctuation on different types of the days such as sunny day, foggy day and overcast day. In these circumstances the culture species goes in the stress. In fact every day in the early hours it is a problem. To this Toxic gases add and makes the conditions worst.

Any chemical used to improve the oxygen in the pond (D.O.) will produce or release nascent and atomic oxygen only (O). But molecular oxygen (O2) in the one which is required and consumed by the animal. Nascent/atomic oxygen is an oxidizing agent as a detonator but cannot improve the D.O. level. It requires a certain sequestering agent and buffers to convert the nascent/atomic oxygen – O to O2 which only can oxygenate the blood and carry oxygen to all parts in the animal.

To solve this ticklish problem of converting nascent / atomic oxygen to molecular oxygen which in reality required by the species DONATOR is developed.

DONATOR : contains very important sequestering agents and buffer to convert the nascent / atomic oxygen – O to molecular oxygen (O2) (O+O=O2).

DONATOR : releases molecular oxygen that improves the D.O. of the pond water and save the species from stress and other breathlessness.

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Application :   Mix the require quantity with dry sand and broadcast uniformly in the pond.

Dosage :   2.5 Kgs./Hectare 3 feet water level from shrimp farms 5.0 Kgs. / Hectare of fish farms or as suggested.

Packing :   1 Kg. Pouch.