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The soils & water of the Aquaculture ponds are exploited so much that the physiological characteristics are depleted or lost. This has a great effect on development and sustenance of the Plankton, which is very important and life for the development of immunity in the aquatic animal. The fish or shrimp do not feel healthy & comfortable in such depleted ponds. Exploitation of soil and water was observed in very earlies of 1930's and also documented. Since soil and water are the main mediums on which whole aquaculture is dependent we have to ensure that richness in the mineral composition is maintained. In order to have a good and supportive soil and water for the culture the deficient salts and minerals are to be restored in the ionized and chelated form, in a way we have to recharge both soil & water for better holding capacity. Further the inorganic salts are to be slowly converted to biologically active form through Bio Conversion for better absorption and utilization of these chelated salts so that the water and soil get recharged and function in a normal healthy way.

  • ENHANCE - contains chelated form of all Vital, essential, critical & trace minerals for better absorption, utilization in both shrimps & fish to meet their biological need for good growth. These minerals form a number of metallic prothetic group of the enzyme systems for better physiological function of the animal that results in healthy & good growth.
  • ENHANCE - contribute anion and cation elements like Phosphorous, Chlorides, Sulphates, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Copper, Zinc etc., along with micro minerals like Aluminium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Selenium etc., to improve the water physiological quality and there of the soil below.
  • ENHANCE - maintain good pond water ecology by maintaining good Bloom multiplication and growth of probiotic that are added to the pond for the protection of the cultured species viz. shrimp & fish. Probiotics supplemented to inhibit the growth of pathogens and play vital role in Protein & Carbohydrate metabolism for better health. These biological & physiological minerals, non metallic groups have an inter linked metabolic function in the Bio Chemistry of the fish or shrimp and is very helpful for the cultured species.. This in turn reduces toxic gas formation. Since ENHANCE contains Calcium and Phosphorous loose shell problem is reduced. ENHANCE renders the water alkaline and hardness.
  • ENHANCE - contains critical vitamins required for healthy good growth and improves the immunity of the animal and also by increasing the growth of the plankton in the pond. Plankton for our culture animals works as “Colestrum” and increase the natural immunological factors of the fish and shrimp.

On the whole ENHANCE recharge pond bottom soil & water in shrimp and Fish farms by supplementing the depleted minerals thus improving the condition of the pond. ENHANCE recharges the water and soil and refresh them for regular anion and cation supply of the necessary elements for healthy growth of fish or shrimp in the ponds. When the soil and water are not leached of the necessary elements naturally present in the soil and in pond water leads to a healthy & good environment for the growth of plankton.

Each ENHANCE Bag of 25 Kgs. Contains :

Iron 2000 ppm
Calcium 20%
Phosphorous 10%
Potassium 250 ppm
Manganese 250 ppm
Copper 450 ppm
Cobalt 200 ppm
Sulphur 65 ppm
Zinc 2500 ppm
Iodine 90 ppm
Selenium 0.075 ppm
Molybdenum 0.0015 ppm
Chromium 15 ppm
Aluminum 2000 ppm
Chlorides 230 ppm
Sodium 15 ppm
Vitamin 'C' 10000 ppm
Vitamin 'E' 2.800 ppm
Vitamin B12 3 ppm
Folic Acid 4 ppm
Vitamin 'A' 1,00,000 I.U
Vitamin D3 2,000 I.U
Choline Chloride 30,000 ppm
Vitamin B2 2000 ppm
Niacinamide 1500 ppm
Thiamine 1000 ppm
Pyridoxine 1000 ppm
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Dosage :   50 kg. of ENHANCE per Hectare during pond preparation.

25 – 50 Kgs. During the culture period depending up on the pond condition once in 10 – 15 Days or as suggested by the Aqua Consultants.

Packing: :   25 kg. HDPE Bag.