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  • ENRICH - contains about 2 dozen salts bring the used pond water to sea water status. This will be used as salts and again makes the water rich and similar to sea water. ENRICH offers all minerals required for normal Healthy growth of the animal and also help in moulting.
  • ENRICH - also contributes useful probiotics for the healthy nature of the pond water.
  • ENRICH - supplies macro & micro minerals, Electrolytes, Probiotics, Agglutinators, Iron, Zinc, Yeast Aluminium, Ammonium Molibdate, Selenate, Phosphorous, Coppor, Cobalt etc., both for Nutrition and for Moulting
  • ENRICH - is almost identical to standard sea water with 18 ppt salt.

    When we culture in sea water of not standards quality, growth, Appetite, immunity of animal is reduced. Where is added the pond water, it will make sea water like and all the physiological functions go in the normal way like feeding, moulting, growth rate FCR and also improves immunity
  • ENRICH - also reduces the blue bacterial colonies and increases yellow colonies.
  • ENRICH - enriches the pond water with minerals & probiotics which are useful for healthy normal growth of the shrimp & prawn.

So, moulting and growth is regularized to normalcy and due to other ingredients both humeral and cell medicated immunity is enhanced so also Hepatopancreas and improves phytoplankton for larval and adult animal growing. Calcium maintains the water pH and helps in moulting.

There will be less white muscle and loose muscle cases compared to treated ponds with ENRICH

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Dosage :   1 Pack per acre every time to keep the species healthy and active

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Packing:   2 Kg. Pouch.