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In Aquaculture, maintenance of proper water quality is of prime importance for better health and growth of the animal. Generally the dead algae, animals and putrefied feed spoil the water quality and generate toxic gases. Poor maintenance of water will lead to lot of variation in the water parameters and gases formation. Excess of toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide etc., in the pond water causes many problems due to pollution. Contamination of D.O affects the growth of the animal leading to lower productivity.

  • GARDIAN - is an extract of the yucca, which has a high ability to reduce ammonia and other toxic gases present in the pond water.
  • GARDIAN - is a yucca plant extract, which has a good bonding capacity, and hence helps in reduction of toxic gases present in pond water. Yucca is considered as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) product.
  • GARDIAN - also contains enzymes, sequestering agents and buffers to improve the performance of the product.
  • GARDIAN - helps in cleaning the black and blue gill problems in high-density cultures.
  • GARDIAN - does not affect the D.O levels of the pond water, as it is a plant extract it is safe even if the animal consumes it.
  • GARDIAN - helps in removing toxic gases and improves the quantity of D.O.
  • GARDIAN - is very useful in high-density stocking as it is a high concentrated liquid.
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Dose :   250- 300ml. per hectare in shrimp and fish farming ponds, or as directed by the consultant.

Packing :   1ltr Cans