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Gentech - PS

Aquaculture generates considerable amount of wastes, consisting of metabolic by-products, residual food, fecal matter and residues of prophylactic and therapeutic inputs, leading to the deterioration of water quality and disease outbreaks.

The physical, chemical and biological conditions of the culture environment have an influence on the health and productivity of shrimp. Exposure of shrimps to toxins like hydrogen sulphide (H 2S) ammonia (NH 3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) lead to stress and ultimately disease.

Keeping all the above problems GENTECH P.S. was developed.

  • GENTECH P.S. - is a product of multi versatile microbial population. It contains different types of Aqua Probiotics are drawn from various groups and classes such as sulphur, nitrate, nitrite reducing and some ecto enzymes producing bacteria. It helps to degradation of organic load and to clear away the pond bottom, consequently improves the water quality.
  • GENTECH P.S. - contains benefited microbes that are capable of effectively clearing carbonaceous wastes from water. Additionally, it helps if these microbes multiply rapidly and have good enzymatic capability.
  • GENTECH P.S. - contains the bacteria that are able to control the toxic gases like H 2S, NH 3, CH 4 and SO2. (Which causes more stress in aqua animals). And create a good environment for aqua animals for their healthy growth.
  • GENTECH P.S. - contains the photosynthetic benthic bacteria that break H 2S at pond bottom in aquaculture to maintain a favorable environment. Organic sulphur decomposes to sulphide, which in turn get oxidised to sulphate. Sulphate is highly soluble in water and so gradually disperses from sediments
  • GENTECH P.S. - contains the nitrifying bacteria it can help to reduce the Ammonia Nitrate and Nitrites, finally it converted into nitrogen (N 2) gas.
  • GENTECH P.S. - contains the bacteria that are basically anaerobic in nature, so it cannot deplete the D.O. level.
  • GENTECH P.S. - create a good environment for aqua animals for their healthy growth and reproduction.
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Dose :   5 Lit/Hectare or as suggested by the consultant depending on the density, pond conditions and other parameters.

Packing :   5Ltr. and 20 Ltr. cans.