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Grovit - C

Grovit - C contains 50% Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), an essential and vital vitamin for the healthy growth of shrimp and fish. Additional supplement of GROVIT-C is a must as these species cannot synthesise Vitamin C in the system. A fair extent of Vitamin C is destroyed in the feed during cooking and extrusion process of the pellets and there will be a further storage loss in the feed.

GROVIT-C exerts its physiological functions as a redox pump in connection with enzymatic groups. GROVIT-C affects formation of mesenchymal tissues especially that of the connecting tissues.

Vitamin C deficiency increases vascular fragility and delays wound healing, leading to disorientation of calcium metabolism, poor chitin formation and reduces immunological potentials for viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases. GROVIT-C reduces shrimp scurvy and black death problems.

Further, GROVIT-C plays a major role in the metabolism of aromatic amino acids like tyrosine, phenylalanine and in the conversion of folic acid from citravorum factor.

GROVIT-C is always indicated in all stress conditions such as infections, physical, chemical and biological exertions as vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of cortisol hormone as an anti-stress factor. Since vitamin C is not stored and is excreted fast, regular doses of supplementation will help in healthy and good growth to reduce stress and to boost up the immunity system of the species.

GROVIT-C is water stable, small micro-encapsulated granules in powder base and is well taken up by the culture species and nothing is wasted in the medium by leaching into the water. There will be an increased survival rate, feed intake, good growth, weight gain and increased feed conversion ratio.

To sum up, GROVIT-C improves farm yields by: Increase in survival rate of the larva. Increase in disease resistance and immunity. Improves the function of Hepatopancreas/Liver. Reduces the melenised haemolytic lesions and mortality. Increase in feed intake. Sustained healthy and good growth by increased growth moults. Least effected by stress factors of various nature. Increase in Feed Conversion Ratio (F.C.R.) Increase in harvest and financial returns.

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Indications :   Poor feed intake, poor growth, during stress for various reasons

Indications :   Mix the required quantity with little water and apply paste to the pellets. Shade dry and broadcast

Dosage :   1 to 1.5 gms./kg. of feed regularly or as recommended by the consultant.

Packing :   200 gm. and 500 gm. tins