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  • GROWEL - is a “water stable” polyvalent nutritional feed supplement containing essential & critical amino acids with the full range of vitamins, minerals and probiotics mixture for fish & shrimp.
  • GROWEL - contains all fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E along with water soluble ones such as B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, cal. panth. and folic acid which are essential for metabolic functions.
  • GROWEL - contains arginine, tryptophan, glycine, phenylalanine, lysine and methionine which are vital for positive nitrogen balance for circular muscle synthesis.
  • GROWEL - contains macro, micro and trace minerals in sufficient quantities to gear up metallic enzymatic anabolism
  • GROWEL - improves growth, health and immunity as it contains everything in optimal quantities for better utilisation of nutrients as per NRC and FAO recommendations. This is ideal for blue shell, red shell and loose shell problems in shrimp
  • GROWEL - does not pollute the pond water or disturb the other parameters like D.O., salinity, pH etc.
  • GROWEL - supplements all growth limitating amino acids and enzyme linked minerals for good growth and moulting.
  • GROWEL - is a complete full lunch plate covering all needs for the species for good healthy growth.
  • GROWEL - contains CHITOSAMINE to obviate loose shell problems in shrimp.
  • GROWEL - is a universal ultimate tonic with lysine providing everything essential for helath and growth.
  • GROWEL - is well indicated in stunted growth, poor feed intake, poor FCR, stress conditions like irregular water change, post disease stress, post insecticide spray, poor water condition, irregular moulting, loose shell etc.
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Application :   GROWEL powder is mixed with little water to make a thin paste which is applied to pellets. Shade dry and broadcast at night.

Mixing Ratio :   5-8 gms./1 kg. feed for fish 10-12 gms./1 kg. feed for shrimp or as recommended by the aquaculture consultant.

Packing :   1 kg. tins