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Majority of our soils are deficient in Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K) and Calcium(Ca) apart from this due to the exploitation of the soil through repeated cultures the soil is further losing its minerals especially Mg, K & Ca causing severe mineral imbalance. Due to this deficiencies & phenomenon there is an imbalance in growth due to improper and irregular moulting. This hampers growth of the animal resulting in either stunted growth or mortality due to stress.

In order to overcome this imbalance and to re-establish the deficient minerals MagKCal min a full Micro, Macro mineral formulation with extra Mg, K & Ca is introduced to facilitate mineral balance especially the 3 important macro minerals Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K) and Calcium (Ca) as this three minerals are the limitating factors for growth

  • MagKCal min - recharges the soil and water and brings back the normal mineral composition. Regular usage of MagKCal min facilitates moulting and growth and also improves the pH.
  • MagKCal min - reduces the mortality during moulting due to hard shell
  • MagKCal min - reduces muscle flaccidity and muscle cramping.
  • MagKCal min - regulates cell membrane permeability and the nutrient uptake.

Calcium present in works as a Key enzyme activator for moulting

Potassium present in controls the osmotic pressure disturbance and regulates Protein & Amino acid metabolisms.

MagKCal min - does not change the pond water conditions. Such as DO, PH or biota. And regular usage facilitates and helps in moulting and growth of the aquatic animal.

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Dosage :   10 -15 Kgs per acre or as suggested by the technician.

Packing :   10 Kg. HDPE bags