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Protect 80

  • Protect 80 - is especially formulated Benzyl Konium Chloride 80% w/v with Stabilizers, Emulsifiers and buffers to exert high activity as pond water sanitizer.
  • Protect 80 - is Quat compound, and is a powerful disinfectant to clean the body surface for shrimp and fish of the culture pond.
  • Protect 80 - is useful in reducing the bacterial load in both mucus secretions of the shrimp or fish and that of the culture pond.
  • Protect 80 - is effective against antenna rot, tail rot, gill rot etc. as it covers wide range.
  • Protect 80 - suppresses excess algae production in the culture pond.
  • Protect 80 - stimulates the moulting in shrimp and cleans the body.
  • Protect 80 - improves the cultivation density and harvest even at low dosage.
  • Protect 80 - being suitably processed and formulated acts in a wide range of pH conditions of the pond from 6.5 to 11.0 pH.
  • Protect 80 - is biodegradable and offers high protection and bio security for the culture species.
  • Protect 80 - takes out odor in the culture pond and that of Shrimp, Prawns and Fish, and maintains clean environment.
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Application :   Dilute 125ml of PROTECT in 15 to 20 liters of pond water. Mix with sand and broadcast in shrimp and fish farming ponds, or as directed by the consultant.

Usage Levels :   500ml. per acre foot of water shrimp and fish farming tanks.

Packing :   1Ltr. and 5Ltr. cans.