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With the insurgence of Vennamei culture the densities have gone up very high causing regular oxygen competition resulting in DO problems. This causes delay in growth due to irregular moulting and due to the stress of the animal in depleted dissolved oxygen (DO) conditions of the pond. As the present culture practices are going for high density culture it has become imperative and necessity to maintain required DO levels and also the pH for proper moulting and growth in a good and conducive environment. Keeping in view of the culture demands we are introducing RECHARGE a product containing oxygenating agents and pH adjusters to maintain the pond pH for proper and healthy growth of the aquatic animal.

It contains specialized oxygen derivatives to increase pond water DO and renders low pH along with stabilizers & potentiators.

The regular use gives following advantages:

  • RECHARGE - improves DO and improves the alkalinity of the pond water for a good natural growth at one stroke resulting in regular moulting.
  • RECHARGE - reduces the toxic gases generated into the pond and improve the aerobic condition of the pond.
  • RECHARGE - reduces the stress of shrimp and fish and improves the cellular and humoral immunity of the animals to face the pathogen aggression.
  • RECHARGE - brings the pH to normal stage and brings the animal to normal physiological conditions.
  • RECHARGE - reduces the ammonia and ammonium salt of the pond water to normalcy and brings the animal to normal physiological condition for moulting.
  • RECHARGE - is advised to distribute in the pond water during night as it is the right time where oxygen level will come sub normal levels.
  • RECHARGE - reduces the urase activity and the stress of the cultured animal

Dosage depending upon the area of culture and density.

1. During low DO problem4-9 ppm for every 4-6 hrs till the problem is solved

2. During over bloom3-7 ppm till the bloom settles

3. Partial harvest 2 -4 ppm till the harvest is completed and one dose 4 hrs after partial harvest.

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Packing :   10 Kg. HDPE bag.