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Decaying organic and inorganic load in the culture ponds increases COD & BOD and this also leads to depletion of DO, resulting in unhygienic and stress conditions where Pathogenic Bacteria takes upper hand leading to Pond Pollution and Mortality of the culture species.

To reduce the Vital, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoal and Algal loads there are many Sanitizers. Since they are being used for so many years they are loosing their efficacy and power or on the other hand Pathogens are getting slowly acclimatized & developing resistance to these sanitizers. This Demands a search for a newer and effective sanitizers which can serve the purpose of Reducing the Pathogenic load and to give more BIOSECURITY to the species.

In the search for new Sanitizers we come across 1-5 Dial Pentane a very safe Sanitizer with mighty killing effect on the Pathogens and as gentle as mother to cultured species. A combination with 10% lodine appears to be second to none. These two are more active in alkaline medium and 14% is quite sufficient as per WHO guide lines of 1988. The role of the 1-5 Dial Pentane is also referred in WHO Expert Committee report of 1988 as potent and effective one.

  • RESTORE - is a combination of 10% active lodine and 14% 1-5 Dial Pentane along with anti protozoals to cover most of the Pond Pathogens which cause harm to the Shrimp or Fish.
  • RESTORE - reduce the Vital, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoal and Algal loads to a greater extent even in the alkaline medium without effecting the DO. And other pond parameters.
  • RESTORE - is useful in swollen gills, cut or broken antenna, appendages or tail and body wounds and cleans the body surface.
  • RESTORE - acts excellently well in reducing mucus in the Fish.
  • RESTORE - activity will not get effected due to high organic contents of the pond water.
  • RESTORE - easily miscible in water and reduces the incidence of health problems and induces moulting and growth.
  • RESTORE - is biodegradable and offers high protection and bio security to the culture species viz. Shrimp and Fish.
  • RESTORE - takes out odour causing Geosmin or MIB in the culture ponds and maintains clean environment with no stink to Shrimp.
  • RESTORE - processed and formulated suitably to cat without loosing its activity in a wide range of temperature, pH and salinity conditions.
  • RESTORE - being highly potent and recommended in high organic loads it is suggested in ponds where the ABW is 14 grams and above in Shrimp ponds.
  • RESTORE - is very strong and effective on the Pathogens but very gentle & friendly to Shrimp & Fish.
  • RESTORE - is unique and new combination and is for the first time in Indian Market.
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Application :   Mix with Dry Sand and Broadcast in the pond water.

Dosage :   200-300 ml per Acre 3 feet water as maintenance dose or as suggested by the consultant after seeing the water quality and other conditions and parameters of the pond.

Packing :   ½ Ltr. and 1 Ltr. Bottles