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Vitamin Gel

Gelatinous, sticky, thick binding gel is of common use in shrimp farming which binds the feed supplements or medication to the feed pellets. During the stress condition and at the time of loss of appetite which leads to protein and vitamin deficiency. This make the shrimp weak causing stress and reduce the immunity and disturbs other physiological functions.

During or after treatment the animals required vitamins, essential and critical animo acid to boost up the protein synthesis and to recoup the health very fast. Some of binding gels presently used contains protein which also pollutes the water and they do not have enough binding effect. Such gels will note prevent back leaching of active ingredients consequently there will be loss of the dose in the mass mediation

Instead of protein which require to be converted in to animo acid for muscle building we have developed a unique formula containing all VITAMINS, critical and essential ANIMO ACID to enhances vitamin & protein efficiency of the feed with good pharmaceutical, food grade binders for better binding effect of the active ingredient. It also make a water repellent film to prevent back leaching of active ingredients.

  • VITAMIN GEL - contains all vitamins A,D,E,B1,B2,B6,B12 Niacinamide, Calcium Panthothenate, Folic acid and anti stress vitamin ā€œCā€ in sufficient and optimal quantities to balance any vitamin deficiency of the stressed animal.
  • VITAMIN GEL - improves vitamin efficiency of the feed by additive effect.
  • VITAMIN GEL - contains essential, critical and growth limitating animo acid. During sickness and more so at the early stage shrimp can not synthesize these essential critical animo acid that are required for growth and vitamins for healthy metabolism hence vital animo acid such as Arginine , Phenyl alanine, Tryptophan, Glycine, Inositol etc., are added for good and fast growth.
  • VITAMIN GEL - improves protein efficiency of the feed through improved protein metabolism.
  • VITAMIN GEL - contains choline which helps the fatty ingredients of the feed for utilization.
  • VITAMIN GEL - contains pharmaceuticals, food grade binding agents which are harmless to the animal and consequently to the consumer.
  • VITAMIN GEL - prevent back leaching of the active ingredient such as any feed supplement, medication or any probiotic supplement.
  • VITAMIN GEL - can be used in both acid or alkaline medication application and has no incompatibility of with any anti microbial, probiotics and growth promoters.
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Application :   Take appropriate quantity of product to be administered mix the VITAMIN GEL make paste and apply to the pellets shade dry and broadcast.

Dosage :   20-25ml. of VITAMIN GEL per Kg. of pellets.

Packing :   1 Ltr/5 Ltr. Cans.