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Growel Formulations Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1992, as the first company in the country set up solely with the intention to manufacture Aquaculture Healthcare Formulations. The company is managed by professional with vast experience in multi-national pharmaceutical companies both in India and abroad.

This dedicated facility located in Hyderabad, has concentrated exclusively on its core competency, and has developed a wide spectrum of products for water management, nutrition and treatment of diseases for the aquaculture industry. "Growel " has first developed "Water Stable" products for Aquaculture in India and went on improving the formulations for Water Stability at varied water parameters such as Alkalinity, Acidity, different levels of Salinity, Temperatures, Suspended matter etc., All the ingredients in the products are given a bio polymer coating to make them "Water Stable" for a period of 6-8 hours depending upon the water quality and chemistry which will reduce water leaching. Unlike in "Non Water Stable" formulations where 40-45% of active ingredients are lost in the medium, this demands higher and unwarranted dosage levels which are expensive visa vis effect.However these "Water Stable" formulations after administration to the animal gets absorbed in about 30-45 minutes of time and the wastage is practically NIL.

Another first to the credit of "Growel" is the concept of Gels in to Aquaculture. As the shrimps are fed with pallets medication or some feed supplements can be easily fed with out using any binders. It will be a simple process of applying to pallets and broadcasting after drying in shade. This is how Growel has brought total revolution in Blue Revolution management. These products today are available domestically besides being exported to USA, Thailand and Indonesia.

Quality being the supreme objective, prior to the end phase of customer satisfaction, GROWEL continuously keeps abreast of the latest information and technological developments both in India and abroad. Continous R & D efforts are on to formulate new products using various bio-technological advancements, techniques and materials conforming to international standards. Field trials are also carried out to determine their efficiency to transfer technology from the laboratory to land.

Keeping quality in mind, the company has developed its own scientific backbone - R & D and a microbiology unit wherein aqua probiotic cultures are produced to enhance the ecology of the pond where they are used. Disease diagnostics and antibiotic sensitivity tests can also be carried out at this unit.

GROWEL is the first company of its kind to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification.

As a leader in the field, the company has evolved a quality policy, and this has helped it grow over 20 times in size since its inception a decade ago.

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