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The feed even though is well balanced, the shrimp/fish cannot get the full benefit unless the feed is totally digested and absorbed. The gut flora also play a vital role in the process of digestion and assimilation. Any minor disturbance in the pond parameter or in the pathogenic aggression gut flora disturbs feed is not digested leading to drop in feed in take resulting in vitamin imbalance, slow growth and reduction in immunity.

To reduce any possibility of indigestion or change or alteration in the gut microflora and to establish the same BIOLACT is developed.

  • BIOLACT - contains starch/carbohydrate, protein and fat digesting enzyme in optimal quantities even in alkaline medium which improves FCR resulting in good muscle growth and health of the shrimp and fish.
  • BIOLACT - has a mixture of various probiotics, which are natural gut residents of fish and shrimp, and renders the gut acidic for better digestion, absorption of the feed and keep the pathogenic bacteria at a lowest ebb.
  • BIOLACT - Contains Cholic acid which emulsify fat and helps in absorption and utilization of the fat present in the feed.
  • BIOLACT - improves digestion and feed in take by increasing the appetite due to presence various probiotics. The gut lining will be clear and thin resulting in better digestion, absorption and utilization by the circular muscles.
  • BIOLACT - can restore and repair the damage caused by change of gut micro ecology.
  • BIOLACT - contains all water soluble vitamins factor for good and healthy anabolism and positive nitrogen balance for protein synthesis.
  • BIOLACT - contains high quality of vitamin ā€œCā€ which acts as Physiological anti oxidant and improves immunity.
  • BIOLACT - contains Spirulina and Dunaiella Salina which increases carotenes & carotenes to builds up immunity add colour to shrimp due to xanthophylls content of these two specific algal species.

Each Kg. Contains:

Amylase 25000 units
Protease AL 350 units
Protease AC 350 units
Cellulase 300 units
Lipase 100 units
Cholic Acid 100 units
Lactobacillus Acidophilus 50000 mill cfu
Lactobacillus Sporogenes 50000 mill cfu
Bacillus Subtilis 35000 mill cfu
Bacillus Licheniformis 35000 mill cfu
Saccharomyces 150000 mill cfu
Streptococcus Lactis 50000 mill cfu
Thiamine Hcl 2 gr
Riboflavin 2 gr
Pyridoxine 2 gr
Niacin 7.5 gr
Cal. Panth 2 gr
Folic Acid 1 gr
Cynocobalmin 20 mcg
Choline Chloride 15 gr
Inositol 500 mg
Spirulina 10 gr
Dunaliella Salina 2 gr
Vitamin 'C' 20 gr
Carriers etc.
Open Imagination

Dosage :   10 Gr./Kg. Feed 2 or 3 times a day
                      or as directed by the consultant.

Packing :   1/2 Kg Pouch.