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  • Cashmin - is meant for carps for improving nutrition.
  • Cashmin - contains 66% of 98% digestible animal liver protein.
  • Cashmin - has macro, micro and trace minerals for healthy and fast growth.
  • Cashmin - is fortified with probiotics mixture to improve gut ecology and balance of microflora of the culture species.
  • Cashmin - reduces the chances of G.I. problems by rendering the gut acidic.
  • Cashmin - is readily digestible and absorbable with a high profile of essential and required amino acids for good growth of fish.
  • Cashmin - contains calcium and phosphorus for better absorption and utilisation for the formation of endo skeleton and scales.
  • Cashmin - contains vitamin B12 and folic acid for improving (Haemopoiesis) RBC formation.
  • Cashmin - contains 98% predigested animal protein hence there will be increased muscle synthesis in fish.
  • Cashmin - can not be a substitute for any amount of plant proteins as it contains pre-digested animal protein for fish.
  • Cashmin - helps faster and healthy growth of fish for glossy look
  • Cashmin - patches up the protein deficiency and improves feed efficiency of the fish by increasing positive nitrogen balance, amino acid anabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Cashmin - is result oriented as it improves the overall picture of the species like shining eyes and skin, growth, activity and FCR etc.
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Mixing Ratio :   10 kgs. per tonne of feed or as directed by aquaculture consultant.

Packing :   10 kg. HDPE bags.