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Due to repeated use and exploitation of the aquaculture ponds for higher productivity the soil is loosing its capacity to support for giving better and sustained growing environment for the aquaculture species.

As the culture is totally in water we have to maintain a good water quality and improved pond bottom for providing suitable environment for growth. It has been our endeavour to give our best to the industry and the process we are introducing CLARITY.

  • CLARITY - is a well balanced combination of substances to create a quality & suitable environment for better and sustained growth of the animal.
  • CLARITY - contains oxidising agents to reduce organic loads improves availability of oxygen.
  • CLARITY - reduces algal loads and helps in creating better pond water quality.
  • CLARITY - also helps in dechlorination to reduce harmful chlorine content of the pond water. However if the loads are more frequent dose repetition is suggested.
  • CLARITY - maintains and buffer the pH of the pond. Also reduces pH fluctuations and checks alkalinity of the pond and helps in its maintenance.
  • CLARITY - provides protection and reducing the hazardous matters coming from heavy metals such as iron etc...
  • CLARITY - ensures stable growth of plankton in the pond.
  • CLARITY - reduces accumulation of sludge and reduce external fouling in the pond.
  • CLARITY - ensures and maintains pond parameters on periodic application assuring better animal growth & performance.
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Dose :   1 to 2 kgs. Per acre of shrimp or fish ponds. Adjust the dose according to density, pond condition and water column or as suggested by the consultant

Packing :   1 Kg. Packets, 5 Kg. Tins.