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Unless the food consumed is digested and absorbed by the body of the animal good and healthy growth cannot be achieved. As long as the good growth is maintained, culture will be successful with little problems and with less environmental pollution due to less feed wastage good FCR

To achieve good and continues growth of the animal it is important for the gut to have optimum organic acid medium. In order to maintain the gut pH under 6 and above 5 i.e slightly acidic DIGECID (Digestive Aid) is formulated.

Acidified gut not only digests and absorb the feed and its nutrients it also inhibit the pathogens in the gut. This is for this reason Acidifiers have gained considerable attention in modern animal feeding system and have been proven to be an efficient in its action. Now a day the incorporation of organic acids as feed supplement in the feeding programs have become an important practice.

DIGECID (Digestive aid) contains all important organic acids to maintain the gut acidic and to facilitate good digestion and absorption of the feed for the animal.

The organic physiological acidifiers are used in DIGECID (Digestive aid) in multiple numbers to maintain pH for long and to increase the probiotics in the Gut

DIGECID (Digestive aid) - inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

DIGECID (Digestive aid) - facilitate the multiplication of some of the useful probotics in the gut of the animal.

DIGECID (Digestive aid) - is absorbed in the feed immediately and is released in the gut in the shortest possible time.

DIGECID (Digestive aid) - contain acids that are physiological in nature like citric, formic, lactic acid etc., along with some critical and essential acids in optimum levels.

DIGECID (Digestive aid) - is a must in cultural operations.

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Dosage :   20-30 ml per Kg. of feed. Shade dry & broadcast. Or as suggested by the technician.

Packing :   2 liters.