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Repeated and continuous culture and usage of the same Aquaculture ponds have difficulty in controlling ammonia levels and sludge buildup. Excess nitrogen compounds and consequent ammonia production is caused by untreated animal wastes, uneaten food and decaying plants. The buildup of these contaminants creates toxic environments that result in high mortality rates, poor immunity, poor product flavor and reduced growth rates. These problems can be controlled by using ENVIRUM.

  • ENVIRUM - is a complete natural and ecologically harmless product containing different species of bacillus, different species of methanogenic bacteria and different species of photo synthetic bacteria which put together has a minimum 10 billion spores per gram for maintaining proper pond chemistry and healthy environment for shrimp, fish to grow normally
  • ENVIRUM - is a special blend of naturally occurring bacteria that removes nitrites, nitrates and ammonia from pond water.
  • ENVIRUM - works in the entire water column as well as bottom sludge to break down and digest these organic wastes that are derived from animal manure and urine. These cultures are completely safe for the shrimp and fish as well as humans, animals, plants, birds and the environment as this are probiotics.

    The bacteria used in are natural and are not genetically engineered. typically contain a number of species that have been selected and combined to degrade specific organic compounds or waste products. These strains of bacteria work together producing the enzymes necessary to degrade specific components in the waste and their resulting intermediates until reaching non-harmful compounds, water and carbon dioxide.
  • ENVIRUM - establishes a living system of biologically active cultures, enzymes, activators and accelerators developed specifically for aquaculture ponds. The ENVIRUM microbes populate the entire system, multiply and produce large quantities of digestive enzymes on an ongoing basis.
  • ENVIRUM - will help break down ammonia to form nitrites and nitrates, which are further reduced to nitrogen gas (and other harmless materials) that escape to the atmosphere. Unless treated with bacteria, these materials deplete oxygen levels and form ammonia (and sometimes hydrogen sulfide). Consumption of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon in manure and organic sludge (dead algae, plants and animals) give the bacteria both the energy and nutrients they require to grow and reproduce.
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Application :   250-500 grams of ENVIRUM per acre in shrimp ponds or as recommended by the consultant.

Packing :   1 Kg. (250 Gr. X 4 Nos.)
100-250 grams of ENVIRUM per acre in fish ponds or as recommended by the consultant