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  • POLGARD - is a new twin chain brominated chemical, highly potent and broad specturm in nature-covers virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and filamentous algae and a good ANTISTAT.
  • POLGARD - prevents formation of mixed algae bed at the pond bottom and is extensively used the world over.
  • POLGARD - cleans the body of the fish or shrimp.
  • POLGARD - helps in moulting without causing stress, cleans up antenna rot, gill rot and tail rot in shrimp.
  • POLGARD - improves the harvest and yield as it offers good bio-security to shrimp and fish.
  • POLGARD - prevents over reproduction of green and blue green algae and sanitizes the water.
  • POLGARD - does not increase the BMR of the animal unlike iodine compound.
  • POLGARD - has better penetration effect compared to chloride or iodine.
  • POLGARD - can be used even on cloudy days.
  • POLGARD - does not irritate the body surface but cleans up red gills, viscous gills, yellow gills etc.
  • POLGARD - reduces the mucus formation in gills and on the body surface.
  • POLGARD - does not change the water parameters especially D.O., pH, salinity etc.
  • POLGARD - reduces pathogenic load in the pond water and reduces stress in shrimp.
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Application :   Mix with dry sand and broadcast. POLGARD application is recommended 3-4 days before the use of BIOCULT for best performance.

Mixing Ratio :   1-2 ltrs for 1 acre of pond water at 1 feet water level for best results or depending upon the pollution and density of culture.

Packing :   1 ltr., 5 ltr. and 30 ltr. cans